Make VLC run in Backtrack 5 - Fix for running VLC Under root


Was playing with some weird things under backtrack and when installed a good player named as VLC for playing some songs formatted as .flv , I got amused that it wasn't running and nothing happened also not a single error. Just a peaceful screen on clicking the VLC player under the application menu. Some entertainment was necessary so this made me feel angry that's why I started to search out for a fix to made it run. Then I came up to terminal and tried to run that without graphical interface and came with an error which had a theme like this:-

"Unable to run VLC under the root, Try other way to run as unprivileged user."

Thus, I thought to tried to sort this problem. Lets go with step by step process. Don't panic there is not much tedious process to follow. As most of the common users find linux to be weird than Windows.

How to Install VLC under Linux:-

Go to terminal and type this command:-

sudo apt-get install vlc

If it asks for password then write and press enter. Under the same terminal it will start installing vlc media player. (You need to be connected to internet. If not then download the vlc media player and place that in that pc where there is no internet) when you type the password there will be no characters shown so don't worry just write and hit enter.

Fix to make vlc run under Bactrack - Making VLC run under the root:-

  • Open the terminal.
  • Write this command and hit enter
    hexedit /usr/bin/vlc
  • Press tab and you will see that blinker has been shifted to the 2nd group.
  • Find this geteuid._libc_start_man by scrolling the mouse wheel or else pushing the down button; and replace with this getppid.libc_start_man(i-e you just have to change the word take the pointer there and then just write; and you will see that alphabets different from the already there will start getting replaced by newly typed)
  • After done press ctrl+s and type y (means yes). You are done.

  • In the same terminal type vlc and hit enter. Woa! It runs now. Tune the speakers and let it go.