Hackers Plan to Launch Satellite for Internet to Bypass SOPA

Hackers Satellite internet

The term hacker can be used to mean a several understandings amongst them there are two major’s one which include “positivity” and the “negativity”. The hackers on facing the internet ban from the United states as a result of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have made a plan to launch there own satellite in the space for providing an internet which may be free from all kinds of bans and restrictions. This group of hackers belong to Germany.

What is this Plan and How is this Satellite going to work?

The plan majorly includes on launching a single satellite in the space and which will be a low orbit satellite. That will surely work under the solar power as per the satellite general rule of operation and will communicate with ground stations to make a network. This network will operate like a GPS system and will be called as “Hackerspace Global Grid (HGG)”. When any station will be under the satellite range then it will take the signals and will direct it to the other stations also and a user can gain permanent access to the network. This theory seems to be applied but there are certain hurdles in the plan and which needs to be resolved first.

Some Major Basic Hurdles:-

As we know that with the advancement of the technology we all are able to travel in the space and are able to send the satellites in the orbit of earth using rockets. But still this technology is hell costly also. Plus! There are no vital rules for the space like in case of earth and no single country can govern the space so anyone can make this satellite to stop work without any specific legal permission.

In order to make it a geo synchronous the radius of the orbit will surely get decreased and it will move in a fast manner and for the HGG project this distance seems to be large for the signals to be transmitted with a 100% quality aspect.

So what’s next with this HGG project?

The team is still moving forward to make this possible and its deciding to make the ground stations. If you are fascinated with this project and want such a network for the world them go here: Constellation to join this project. A project joined by HGG for collaboration.

For Further Detailed sources about this news rather than us visit BBC NEWS.