Install and Run Google Chrome as root on Linux

Chrome For Linux

Chrome is one of the fastest available borwser but unfortunately if you are using linux as a root user then you are not able to run chrome after the installation as a root user. Here, I shall let you know that how can you make chrome install in Linux and can run it as root. Even in Backtrack 5.

Installing Chrome in Linux (Backtrack, Fedora, Ubuntu):-

  • Download the chrome Package, Latest on from here.
  • Download the debian package according to your system. Whether its 32bit or 64bit choose in accordance to them.
  • Suppose its downloaded to Downloads (There after downloading rename the dowloaded file as chrome.deb). Open the terminal. Write following commands:- 1- cd /root/Downloads 2- dpkg -i chrome.deb
  • It will be installed now. If you are using as root then under terminal type google-chrome and hit enter. You will see an error that you are logged in as root unable to start Google Chrome.

Making it Run under the Root:-

Go to terminal. Type:- 1- gedit /usr/bin/google-chrome 2- Gedit window will popup. In the end line with a space write :- --user-data-dir and click save. You are done. Run chrome and it will flare up like a fire. See image below that how I wrote this trick line in the end.

Chrome Google Gedit Linux