Share Files between Linux Host and virtual Windows Guest


Last time I posted that how can we make a virtual Linux run under the Windows. (Install BackTrack 5 virtually) Since every computer user needs to access the files every where whether which OS is used as its necessary part of computing. In last tutorial I didn’t tell that how can we share our files between virtual machine and the host one. Now I made a video tutorial to make this possible by using Linux as host and Windows XP running as the guest OS. I have used virtual box. If you want to know that how virtual box can be installed in the Linux then comment here and I shall make a post for you. Stay tuned further post are also coming here on this blog to make Linux easier for you.

[How to] Share Files Between Linux Host and Windows Virtual Guest :-

What we shall need is to install the “Virtual Box Guest additions for the Virtual Box” to make the sharing done and also rest of the other compatibility options are also enabled. Lets learn in this video that how can we make them install.