Cyanogen Mod Review - Custom Android Rom


Bought an Android smart phone and don't know the difference between a company modded ROM and a custom Rooted ROM. Well, I am here to let you get information on a custom ROM; maintained by team Cyanogen. It always depends on you that whether you use a custom ROM after rooting your android phone, Or else you are lazy enough to prefer a company modded ROM. Likely, I accept the fact that in company modded ROM some features may take the whole game i-e can be much good as compared to cyanogen, but if you are advanced user and like to customize the phone the way you want, then use cyanogen ROM. Let me explain some facts of this Good Modded ROM.

Customize-able ROM:

This ROM is much customize-able, you can do whatever you want with your phone, It comes pre-installed with ADW Launcher which works super fast with it, You can have a dock placed at the home screen, Can have a transparent Application drawer on clicking the menu button and can even have some transparent notification place. You can MOD the phone the way you want. If your phone has some LED lights, this cyanogen gives you the way to mode them too. You can change when those lights should function. Now you can think that all this can be done in Stock ROMS too, But surely that stock ROM gonna be slow after having installed ADW Laucnher, except that built in interface, but cyanogen doesn't slow down.

Home screen swap transition effects can be modified the way you like.

Super Fast:

Unlike those 500MB stock ROMS, this 100MB cyanogen, works like a charm, I first installed this in my HTC phone and when I swapped the home screen, and typed some text notes, I wondered its much faster than that stock ROM. If you are regular user of Stock ROM then after getting this custom ROM installed you will surely feel the speed differences.

Gestures For the Home Screen:

You can easily add some gestures for the home screen, Likely you can add any pattern and can link that pattern to the custom application which you want to be launched upon repeating the pattern at the locked screen, No need to unlock just make a custom pattern and make that pattern on the lock screen and WOA! That application linked blazes to come to screen and start working like charm.

To add a gesture just go to Settings>>CyanogenMod Settings>>LockScreen Gestures and add any application with the required gesture you build.

Gesture Cyanogen hackersthirst

Screen Rotation Extent:

You are able to rotate your screen using the sensor at any angle you need, Its the option under the CyanogenMod settings under Display and using the sensor you can get the required results, Like the screen can be rotated even at the home screen unlike stock Rom.

Sufficient Theme Repository:

Under the CyanogenMod there is absolutely sufficient theme repository. After getting the Mod installed just attach your Google account with your phone and then search the keyword "cm7 theme" and you are done there will be many themes for cm7 I am using cyanogenMod seven as the reference because latest stable release is at 7 version. Plus, in-order to get the skins for the launcher like your home screen and the application drawer cyanogen uses ADW Launcher and you can search at market (Google Play)for ADW skins, Keep searching on and you will get the good stuff.

Rooted ROM Advantage:

This ROM has full features to get advantage of the rooted phone, you can customize the phone the way you want and it can give you pretty results, I will show you in the next upcoming posts that how can you customize it better in a rooted way ;).

Permission Management:

Have you installed any application? and don't want that application to be spyware then cyanogen is the right choice for you, because you can revoke any application permission with your own desire, Just to have some more security this is the best feature, To enable this go to Setting>>CyanogenMod Settings>>Application Setting and Tick Permission Management. After that go to application management from your device and below the application management after opening specific application you can edit the permissions.

permission management android hackersthirst

Overclocking the CPU:

In cyanogenMod you can over-clock your cpu without using the third party application like setcpu etc. You can easily setup the maximum and minimum CPU frequency and keep in mind that you may not set wrong values or much high which may be bad for your phone. Do some Google searches for your mobile to get the best values for your mobile. For this go to >> Setting >> CyanogenMod Settings and Performance.

This was just a review on my personal basis because I used this ROM and found it to be good. You should also share your views in the comments, Plus tweaks for Cyanogen ROM will be posted soon.