Only Open-Source is supported, PLus HT Changed Design

Hello All! Hoping that you all will be fine because I am posting an update for Hackers Thirst after a long time; I read some emails too but not the all and will review emails soon and you will listen to my replies too. Well; this update as the title shows is about the two things one is about this that Hackers Thirst will no longer support the cracked versions of software and also I being admin of this blog will mainly concentrate on the open source and latest techy updates. Second news is this that Hackers Thirst is going under some maintenance and load time has been greatly reduced, All this will be finished in a couple of days or more. So; basically I am here with two main things :-

Concentrating on Following things only:-

Open Source Content will be supported not the cracked versions of software. Previous any promoted crack has been disabled by me because of some complaints, Since We people were never involved in there generation therefore we were urged to let them be disabled for the public use and I did this.

Rest content will be generated as published earlier and I shall make it possible for everyone to learn new things and to keep themselves save from attacks of outside evil world being master in computer usage.

Hackers Thirst is under Construction:-

Well, the second important notification is this that Hackers Thirst is under maintenance and its regular maintenance schedule part, For more than a year I didn’t care much for the load time and the rest of things but now I thought that it’s the time that speed of loading pages plus a clean look is needed to be done with this site, So! I am here with some changed look and please, Drop down comments below about these changes…!

Wamiq Ali