SMS Bombers- How Most of them WOrk

smsbomb A lot of people are getting annoyed by the amount of rubbish messages they are getting just because of this SMS bombing fact. In fact I have also edited some SMS bombers and have come to know certain facts about them. Mostly, researches may vary from them but you must be aware also from what I got to you today. Many internet users just pay for these SMS bombers just to annoy someone since they have some bad intentions. Lets, see how these SMS bombers work:

Top Reasons on how these SMS bombers Work:

  1. Mostly Mobile Sites offer some subscription service from their websites and user just has to input his mobile number there, After that an automated confirmation message is sent to user’s cell phone. Any bad minded guy can easily exploit this easily by just tempering the page requests to the server and by understanding the mechanism on how it works to process the entered number.
  2. A paid SMS bomber can also use some online SMS sending service, there are a lot paid services available which can be used to send as many texts as you want. But such SMS bombers are never free ones, Such SMS bombers can also have spoofing feature.

Thus, An SMS bomber takes the mobile number of the victim as the input and then forwards that to specific website which then send automated message to the victim’s number.

SMS bomber makes this process to repeat at a rate of thousands of time. And victim mind just blows off and he turns off his mobile.

How to prevent such SMS bombers to be fully functional:

  • This part is for websites admin who offer sms services, It would be better to use some captcha as per security reasons. I know captcha can also be bypassed but still its better than nothing.
  • Not more than 10 messages should be sent by the website again and again to same number. Within 24 hours, Some filtering techniques should be implemented.