Pakistani Student Facing Extradition from UK to US for Hacking

Last Thursday, a Pakistani student failed to avoid the extradition from Britain to the United States over the hacking attempts allegations for helping a FBI agent. The name of the student is Usman Ehzaz who came to Britain to study in information technology and computer systems.

He was arrested at the request of US authorities after being found suspect of controlling a botnet of more than 100,000 computers without the owners knowledge whom the computers belonged to!

Court was told that Usman Ehzaz was paid by an FBI agent and was also provided by a malicious code to inject to computers. Protected computers which were infected were those belonged to the foreign commerce or used in interstate or for communication purpose. The student was paid $600 for this job and the FBI undercover agent asked him to do so as reported by Dawn News!

Over 100,000 computers were effected and 800 of them were in United States and thus Home Secretory Theresa May ordered Usman Ehzaz extraditions on allegations related to 800 US computers.

If proven guilty over there he may be imprisoned for 12 months and Ahzaz appeal to the Britain court was also rejected.