Deciding the Strong Password - Some Tips To Signup on New Websites

We all use internet a lot and for the purpose we make a lot of accounts too, but there are some mistakes which we commit while registering for a site. We just visit the site and then register for no reason often because most of the new people at the internet feel good to make account at every site which they visit. But this is really not a good act if we look into the whole situation with reference to the security. It can be harmful to you in many ways. You must keep in mind the following tips while choosing your password and while signing up for the new sites.

Deciding the strong passwords

Precautions to be taken while signing up for new site and Choosing a Password:

Be sure that the site is worthy enough to have an account over it. You must be sure with the ranking and user base of the site too, I mean you must be well aware about the site. You can't signup for some fake site where they can use your details for the identity theft.

Don't use the same password for every site you signup, Because it can be really fatal for your online life like if you are using the same password for every site then if any one of them get hacked, hacker is going to hack your whole email id's and accounts.

Be sure to use a different and strong password with your primary emails, and then signup to other services using those emails with some other and strong password. Don't use your primary passwords everywhere.

A strong password contains some symbols, some numbers, some alphabets and some capital and small alphabets. You should make a combo of all the available characters to make it impossible to be cracked.

While choosing a security question never use something really common which others may know, Like your name, like birthplace of your mother. Common other's gonna guess it surely. Keep something really unique which can't be guessed by the public. Or else always keep that question in mind because one can use social engineering to ask you the same question and you may be dumb enough to give the correct answer.

It's a good practice to connect to new sites using the Facebook or twitter connect as I guess that it is more suitable, but in case your Facebook or Twitter get's hacked you got nothing to do. Thus, it's always safer to keep your important accounts separate with unique passwords to be used with them only.

That was it! Next time i'll come up with something more good and unique, Till then remain safe and have a happy internet life.