Beware! Javascript exploited by hackers against Facebook Fan Pages

Hello guys! after receiving a good responce from readers we are posting a new exploit information here at, Well it will tell you about a new hacking technique and also will increase your knowledge so that you may not become victim of such hacks, But Always remember:
Note: Never use these tricks to harm any innocent, Just increase your knowledge and HT will not be responsible for any harm caused.
The purpose of this hack is to attack a fan page by fooling the admin by social engineering, I saw some people becoming victim of this, So we decided to teach about this hack to my loyal readers. Don't forget to share this with friends.

Things a hacker needs:
1. Facebook page hacking exploit.
2. A hosting.
3. A key or script to run that "Facebook page hacking exploit.".
4. Their own facebook email id.

I will try to be simple, but if you don't get anything then kindly ask at comment below.

1. Facebook page hacking exploit - beware:

Now, when we came across this widely spread exploit we tried to devode it for public welfare. After downloading it you we got key inside it also, and also the exploit, First we had to edit it,

a) Editing the exploit:
First of all we saw an email id, on checking it was a facebook email id we changed it with ours to run the exploit on our own self, see pic below thats the pic of exploit:
we changed the id to our own one, Above its, [email protected]
b) Credits:
On further reading script, we realised when script is executed, three or four friends of the victim will get this post, Well thats the credit. See pic below of exploit:

2. Hosting:
Thee exploit was hosted on the hackers server with a name pagehack.js. Other instances of the hack were with different names. He might have uploaded the exploit.

3. Using the exploit by Key or script:
Now the main thing is social engineering, Read my article at hackersthirst, about social engineering, Now its up to you that the hacker gives victim the key, the key contains the path to the javascript exploit:

A rather smart instance of the attack used the same key in other coded format and sought the Faceook user to insert the key in the address bar of the browser.

How to protect facebook page?

Simply, don't get fooled to enter a suspicious key in your browser address bar. Furthermore, like we did, if someone shares some link which seeks you to insert code in your Facebook,  simply don't follow the steps especially if you own page of personal identity.