Top Ubuntu Hacks and Tweaks

When i switched to ubuntu, I was facing a lot of problems one was to get better playback of my favourite music albums.I wasn't able to make graphics and images of tutorials more crispy with watermark of HackersThirst[dot]com. Also was the problem that i wasn't finding is much user friendly due to such problems. But today i think that linux distributions are actually for us. Because every thing that we find for linux is in open source as well as free. Some of my articles related to linux distributions are here:

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Today, I am posting this short guide to help those who have recently switched to ubuntu, Future aim is also to do so, Hackers Thirst aims to help newbies in tech field. Here is some softwares along with terminal commands to install them:

1. Adding NTFS read write Support:
In windows xp and vista or seven, Especially in vista NTFS is only used for large disk support. If you have large number of partitions and have data inside them you will surely like that this data must be available in ubuntu also, So here is solution, A small official project, Go to this link for full information.

2. Check Gmail at desktop:
It will be quite handy if you get your email at your desktop directly, It helped me a lot because I am at blogger and most of comments and feedbacks are received through my Gmail Inbox.Go to terminal and type this:
apt-get install checkgmail
3. amaroK "Online Music Collection":
This is quite good software to search for online music, and it shows album cover also, along with a user friendly interface. Yeah, you can also sync your ipod. Great! Grab it using terminal.
apt-get install amarok
4. Firefox, The internet browser:
Firefox is quite flexible with thousands of addons present on the web, I like it for developing purpose as it helps a lot due to certain addons. Also surfing speedis quite good. In latest Ubuntu and linux distributions its the builtin browser. Read my post on firefox best addons ever, Here is link. To get firefox use following command in terminal:
apt-get install firefox
5. VLC multimedia Player~Probably the best available flexible player:
A lot of windows users are used to VLC media player beacause it has a wide variety of plugins and also it can play a large number of videos format online available, It supports streaming also and you can use it with your T.V card to get the live video & audio streaming. Are you missing it in Linux or ubuntu? then type this in terminal:
apt-get install vlc
6. Gnome application launcher (Similar to searching something):
Gnome Deskbar Applet is one of the most useful utilities in ubuntu which provides an ability to search programs,dictionary,files,address book,Yahoo,web history, and so forth in your computer.Use following command in terminal to get this:

apt-get install deskbar-applet
7. Automatix:
Automatix will get your system ready to play nice with proprietary codecs and the like, but it can also install a lot of really useful apps, from Picasa and Google Earth to several of the apps on this list. Automatix is a great way to get a lot of applications installed in a hurry.