Use Pen drive As RAM - Speed Up Computer

USB Drive As RAM

   Today I,ll show you a nice trick to boost the working speed of your computer as now a days there are large number of programs and softwares which require a large amount of memory to be run properly. And often you don’t have that required memory installed as RAM. I,ll talk about this trick generally so that it may be applicable to every windows. First I,ll show you a manual way and after that I,ll provide you a software for this purpose. The basic scheme is this that we are going to use a pendrive or USB drive as a RAM, yes it is possible all the memory available in a removable pendrive/USB can be converted into RAM to increase the working speed of the computer.

Manual Method to Convert USB/Pendrive Into RAM:-

Here is the required procedure for converting USB/pendrive memory into RAM manually…

1) Plug your pendrive into PC/laptop.

2) Right Click On My Computer.

3) Open up properties.

4) Go to Advanced Option.

5) Now select Settings of Performance.

6) Again Click on the Advanced Button which is shown In the popup Window.

7) Now click on Change button shown in Virtual memory.

8) Now select the available memory of your removable USB/Pendrive.

9) Set the value and apply the changes.

10) Restart your PC/Laptop and Thus you are done.

Using eBoostr Software to Convert USB/Pendrive into RAM:-

A clean software is also present for this purpose which is known as eBoostr, It will convert your removable device memory into RAM and thus computer speed will be increased to a large extent.

Is Eboostr Free and which windows is capable of running it?

No, Eboostr is not free and it is available at a non-expire able trial version it means that we can use it continuously for just 4 hours. After that our PC will have to be restarted in order to make eBoostr active and working again. Well 4 hours for every boot are enough for a normal computer user. If you wan’t to use it without any break then kindly purchase this full version here. After Downloading Just Run it and Use as its usage is quite simple that’s why no guide is necessary for it.

The software is very handy in the sense that it is just 1MB to download. It supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 and is available in 36 languages. It requires USB 2.0 drive or memory card for operation and USB 1.1 is not supported as they tend to be very slow and don’t work at required speed. So, in short Pentium four is better for its usage.

Give this method a try and so tell me about your experience in comments…! Some day later I,ll provide you free eboostr full version.