Checking a WPA/WEP encrypted WIFI network - Finding WIFI Password Using Fern

Attack WEP and WPA Fern Wifi Cracker

I am going to discuss the use of a tool named as FERN WIFI CRACKER using which in general you can test a WEP as well as WPA secured WIFI networks and this GUI based application is quite easy to use plus, it cracks password in quite fast time if you have a good computer with fast RAM and processor. In backtrack 5 its already installed an is properly configured but you can get it on Ubuntu and other Linux flavours also. Read this post to learn how to setup FERN for Ubuntu. Setting Up and Running Fern WIFI Cracker In Ubuntu What this application uses has been listed in the post. After installing Fern in any linux or else you can also use backtrack 5 for this purpose. Read here how to install backtrack 5 :- and Install Backtrack 5 as dual boot (Windows and Bt5 Together). Whatever OS you are going to use just run Fern and read below.

Using Fern Wifi Cracker:-

Click the refresh button to load monitor interfaces. Then hit scan button, its for dual functioning mean, at first hit it will start scanning and again if you hit it it will stop scanning.

Fern Wifi Cracker

When any WIFI network with WEP and WPA will be found by FERN it will be displayed as in this below screen shot. You have to hit button of WPA or else WEP inorder to crack the password for any of the WIFI network.

WEP and WPA scan FERN

Finding WEP encryption based WIFI Network key:-

After hitting the activation button of the WEP attack. What happens can be seen in screen shots below:-

So, key has been successfully recovered.

Finding WPA encryption based WIFI Network key:-

Cracking WPA encryption based WIFI password

So, key has been successfully recovered, as you can see.

Where the keys database can be found later?

All the keys which are recovered are automatically saved here:- /usr/local/bin/Fern-Wifi-Cracker/key-Database/Database.db. Plus you can also add keys manually.

Fern Key database

Tracking provider of WIFI Router's location using Mac Address:-

Here is the geographical location mac address tracker. You can run it from :- ToolBox>Geolocatory Tracker

Fern Mac Tracer

This means that usin Fern you can find if any of your organisation wifi network is prone to any attack. After scanning and exploiting with Fern you can easily strengthen the wifi security.