Setting Up and Running Fern WIFI (Network Scanner) In Ubuntu

Ubuntu Feern Wifi Cracker

Here, I'll discuss that how can you setup FERN WIFI CRACKER in ubuntu. Its already installed in BackTrack 5 and is well configured but in case of ubuntu and other linux distros you have to install it at your own.Plus you need other components to make Fern run like:-

  1. Python
  2. AirCrack-ng
  3. macchanger
  4. Xterm
  5. Subversion
  6. Python-qt4

What is the main point behind this post?

  • The main point is this that the readers can get the basic knowledge that how can we setup and install a Linux related program. Since, in BackTrack 5 every program is pre-configured.
  • Second point is this that most of the users don't use Linux primarily instead they use Windows and then setup a dual boot for Linux and Windows. But in case of Backtrack 5 the compatibility isn't assured. Also, it doesn't get at dual boot like Ubuntu instead Backtrack 5 takes some space and make it hidden. Which if user again install Windows Appears as unknown space and ultimately to that space a new partition has to be rendered. But in case of Ubuntu, it can be installed at any partition in any folder, Named as ubuntu commonly.So, ubuntu is better choice as it can be removed from programs in windows easily.

Downloading and Installing all the requirements used to run Fern in Ubuntu:-

In case of ubuntu you just have to go to Ubuntu Software Center and search the names of the requirements given above. Like Python, xterm etc. and Install them, one by one. After having all these things installed read below how to install Fern Wifi.
Over the internet you can search for wikis also in order to install these applications by terminal for installing them in any other linux version.

Ubuntu Software Center

See in the screen shot I have opened Ubuntu Software Center and there i have searched above python and then hit install. After that python is installed in my ubuntu.As you can see underlined portion.After getting all the thins installed in this way read forward.

Downloading and then Installing Fern Wifi Cracker-A How to Guide:-

  • Download Fern Wifi Cracker in .deb archive for ubuntu here. You can take other formats from here too for other linux distros.
  • After downloading place it on the desktop. And then double click it. After that ubuntu software center will open. Hit install as usual and put your password of admin if asked.
  • After getting it installed, Now you have to open it in admin privileges thus run terminal. And enter this command.
  • /

    sudo python /usr/local/bin/Fern-Wifi-Cracker/

    Note:-By putting sudo in start actually means here that we are trying to run application as root and in admin interface. You can try to run Fern wifi Cracker from programs too in ubuntu but it will give an error that run the program as root.

    terminal command to run fern in ubuntu

    • Type password and hit enter, after that you can see below what happened :P

    Fern Wifi Cracker Running

    Inorder to see that how can we use it read here:- How it Works: Hacking/Cracking a WPA/WEP encrypted WIFI network