Four Best WiFi Security Analysing/Checking Applications for iPhone

Wifi Crack

1. Aircrack-ng for iPhone:

It is the simple command line with graphical interface software which is used to check security of wifi networks by assessing if those can be cracked. It sends packets to the wifi network and then cracks the password file of the network. It is used widely by network testers and can be downloaded from here.

2. Fing:

It is an Iphone applications which let you check wifi network strength in less than 30 minutes. It is easy in use and can be understood easily rather than Aircrack-ng . It is Graphical interface with best utility and dictionary.  It helps tester analyse if someone is stealing data or if there are any CCTV on the network. It can be downloaded from here.

3. WepGen:

WepGen is just another application which sends WEP password to the Wifi network by sending packets. It tests a wifi router if it accepts a hex coded passcode rather than the original one. It's an additional WiFi testing application. It can be downloaded here.

4. Netspot:

It's another great application which sends packets to the nearby networks and shows the tester a realtime data change and other information. It allows you to create a map of the available It can be downloaded from here.