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About Wamiq Ali

Hey! This is Wamiq Ali, author and founder of Hackers Thirst. I am self taught guy who has learnt many things as per his own passion and intentions. His only mate in learning was actually Googling, day by day he started to ask new questions in Google search and every time he moved a step ahead in his own passions regarding computer i-e Web Developing and keenness to learn Ethical Hacking too. Here you will find that what is the purpose of this site and why this was created.

Why HT was Launched?

Personally, there was a passion hidden in order to have a platform where I can share many things related to Information Technology and its bad aspects, where I could share that how people get fooled by many scams which are present at internet and eventually get hacked, where I may produce a sense of wisdom that How a hacker is able to hack your internet online presence which is mostly secured by passwords and all that and where I wanted to show many ways like using them which a hacker may get into your accounts, your computer must not be vulnerable to viruses, you must have an updates antivirus, your own sites must be secured etc. In-fact, I wanted to share generalized knowledge too which may make your daily use of computer more easy and yes, I am doing this for all my readers who are listening too me with the help of this platform.

Start HT

How I took a start?

How I took a start? this might be the question which may come in your mind, Well, as in my bio its been told that Google was actually my best partner to learn and to search things. In start I learnt HTML and after that CSS to design web pages, it took time to polish all my efforts and with the passage of time and grace of Almighty God I learnt many things related to web developing, as well as Photoshop and many images designing techniques, which play and important role in web designing. Along with web-developing I also took Ethical Hacking with me. From the very start I knew a very thin difference between hacking for fun and in order to learn and be secure, So, like all other people I never tried to deface or do such other activities. I may share articles which may tell you that how to hack, but the sole purpose behind such articles is to tell my readers that how a hacker may get into things. So, while creating and designing things, I thought to design my own blog site where I may share such things, My first step was very ugly blog, as at that time I wasn't as much mature in web-developing, but tutorials were powerful at that time too. So, with passage of time I sorted out many things and now HT-Hackers Thirst is what you can see. Subscribers and traffic is increasing day by day with grace of Almighty God. So, I say special thanks to those too who played an important part in this activity. And those authors who also helped me to share many things most likely I'll like to share, Gul Zain, Who is regular author here. Official Twitter profile of Zain is here.

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