Privacy Policy & Purpose

Hackers Thirst is a platform which provides information, data, updates about new security threats and the possible solutions to avert such attacks. As a platform, it gathers no information from the visitors and all exploits, softwares are released under good will policy which is to inform general public about their privacy rights and ethical hacking.

The sole purpose of this platform is to provide latest information on security exploits, loopholes so that users may learn to save themselves. It provides information not data, after carefully analysing the threat level and providing possible solutions to affected users, platforms and companies.

Email Subscription:

We offer a email based news service which directly sends important security updates, ethical hacking news and developing stories into your inbox. It's a text based service which uses Google Email Subscription service and provides no additional files, data or information to the subscribers other than the intended information. The only information which a subscriber sends is his/her/their email address.

Right information, at right time, is the basic right of every individual.


Ethical Hacking & Security Provider

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